Stock Code:060389
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Shanxi Alan Group Co., Ltd. is located in Datong City, Shanxi Province, the "capital of coal". All departments and subsidiaries are set up completely and the division of labor is clear, so that people can fulfill their responsibilities and greatly improve work efficiency. Through years of continuous development and improvement, the company has entered a relatively stable growth period. Listing date: January 10, 2020, stock code: 060389.

On July 26, 2021, Xu Dafei of Shanxi Alan Electric Co., Ltd. and his party went to PingGao Group Co., Ltd. for contract signing and negotiation. The participants, Zhang Guochao, general manager of ...
On the morning of the 24th, a vehicle loaded with shell construction machinery oil worth more than 200000 yuan departed from Datong to the disaster area in Zhengzhou. This is the disaster relief ma...
On January 10, 2020, Shanxi Alan Electric Co., Ltd. was listed on Jinxing board and completed the joint-stock reform of the company. It is one of the few joint-stock reform companies in Datong City,
Honorary qualification
Distribution products and equipment
Power fittings and cable accessories
International trade
Energy Engineering
Contact information
Telephone: +86 0352-7600999
Address:No. 2005,  Shanghai Caohejing Datong international innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Datong Development Zone, Shanxi Province,in  CHINA
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